Membership Level:  Our goal is 300 members.  

Website development: Our website is up and running and ongoing refinements are completed.  We will explore marketing and search engine opportunities.

Foundation Information Brochure:  Our membership mailing goes out every January.  The brochure is available online.  We are investigating the need for further print material.

Newsletter:  Goal:  January

Grants: If you have a project of interest, please attend a quarterly board meeting to submit your application.

Historic Research Assistance:  Goal: Historic Bath State Historic Site Walking Tour Brochure to include a more expansive story of Bath.   On hold pending participation of State Historic Site.

Sponsor Special Functions:  Our goal is to have two events per year.  Currently we have one event in January (Annual Awards Ceremony).

Community Involvement Through Participation in Existing Events:   taking suggestions.

Focus Group Discussions with Bath Area Organizations to Enhance Strategic Plan:  successful collaboration efforts have been met with BHSP for transfer of deed of the old Bath High School NW wing, ongoing support of Bath State Historic Site for having Visitor Center open on Sundays, successful partnership with the State Department of Natural and Cultural Resources for providing exhibit gallery in the northwest wing of the school.

Museum Development:  We have created a document which safeguards locally donated artifacts will remain in Bath. 

Artifact Donation and Temporary Storage:  Several artifacts have been donated and we hope to have a display of them at the Visitor Center.  We are also researching temporary storage for locally donated artifacts.  Permanent gifts will be stored as per museum protocol on the second floor of the northwest wing of the high school.

Collaborative efforts with Areas Organizations for Grant Applications:  We have been active and supportive of Bath High School Preservation and Town of Bath's efforts for obtaining GoldenLEAF funds.  $500,000 has been awarded to them in part due to our support, dedication, and board members willing to write and follow through on the grant process. We have awarded the Bath Library funds for the Bath History and Genealogical Section of the library. 

We have purchased the "Bridge lot" at the NE base of the Bath Creek bridge for the purpose of creating a town park and HBF completed the DENR PARTF grant application in hopes of receiving matching funds for the park.  The Town of Bath Commissioners opted not  to permit HBF to manage the park project and so therefore HBF board of directors will manage the creation of the park project on behalf of their members. 

As of 2016, the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and HBF reached an agreement to create a museum/exhibit space in the NW wing of the BHS building.  The state has dedicated staff and $200,000 towards the project.  HBF has renovated the first floor of the structure in preparation for the permanent "Bath" exhibit.  Three members of HBF have each provided $100,000 each towards the project and a local non-profit has pledged $300,000 with an expectation that HBF members will match an additional $300,000.  The Exhibit first floor was completed in 2019. HBF has approved funds for creating an elevator to the second floor of the Exhibit.  Construction begins summer 2020.


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