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2019 HBF Proxy

     Dear HBF Supporters - Cast your vote! We are using the online voting proxy again this year as a cost and time saving tool.  To allow an HBF Director or member in good standing to vote for you, please complete the required information included in the short proxy form below.

   This year's annual meeting abd Board of Directors election will be held on July 26, 2019 at 2PM at Pirate Hall.  If you are not currently an HBF member and wish to vote, please visit HBF Membership to access membership details.

    An annual, tax deductible, membership (July - June) is $25/household. Please mail your membership contribution of $25 to The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 238, Bath, NC 27808 no later than July 21, 2019 by mail or donate at the July 26, 2019 annual meeting. Please make all checks payable to the HBF.

Thank you!
Jerry Waters, President/Chair, The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc.
    1. HBF Membership Status
           I am a current HBF Member
           I am applying to become a new HBF Member prior to the annual meeting.
    2. Insert your first and last name below.
      First Name:
      Last Name:
    3. New Member contact information (If CURRENT member, please skip quetion, unless you have changes to your contact information and proceed to question #4)
      Street Address:
      State:    Zip:
      Telephone Number:    E-Mail:
    4. Proxy Selection - Select an HBF Director from the list below to cast your vote:
        Jordan Cantrell;     Surry Everett       Ken Friedlein      Milo Gibbs       David Johnston       Gene Roberts       Patricia Samford       Karen Sayer       Jerry Waters     
        Or a member in good standing - Name:

  You need an email program on your computer in order for the email to work.
Download, Complete, and Print 2019 Proxy Form for Mailing
Mail to: Historic Bath Foundation Inc., PO Box 238, Bath, NC 27808

This proxy revokes all previous proxies. If I later decide to attend the meeting, this proxy will be revoked.
Proxy (snail mail or emailed online version) must be received by June 21, 2019. or The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc., PO Box 238, Bath, NC 27808
You may also pay your membership fees online at

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