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The corporation shall have members which shall consist of all those persons, corporations, foundations, or other entities interested in providing historic information and promoting the historic aspect of the Town of Bath and its surrounding area.

The membership dues for a household is twenty-five dollars and donations are tax-deductible.  Our annual meeting takes place in July or as indicated by board of directors and at that time the members elect directors for open "at-large" seats. 

Members who are intereted in serving as a volunteer should contact us at historicbath@yahoo.com.  Members who are interested in serving on the board of directors should review our strategic plan and committees (under the scorecard tab) in order to evaluate what talents you have which may move the Foundation's goals forward.  Ordinarly, we remind our members during our annual membership drive to seek information on the website regarding open positions. Please complete the nominee application and submit, if possible, prior to the March 30th meeting.  You can also inquire about open positions and nominee application at historicbath@yahoo.com  The nominating committee usually makes recommendations to the board at the March 30th meeting.  However, nominees will be accepted up to and on the day of the annual meeting.

The nominee committee consists of at least two people from the board of directors and one from the membership.  Please contact us through email if you are interested in sitting on this committee. 

During our annual meetings votes are obtained through in person and proxy votes.  Proxy cards can be found on the website and are also mailed approximately six weeks prior to the meeting. Proxy cards must be received via USPS prior to the meeting.  Great care and attention is given to making certain every member has a voice.





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