Strategic Plan


 I. Vision: Encourage and promote the historic aspects of the Town of Bath and its surrounding area. 

 II. Mission:

  •  Aid the Historic Bath Commission and the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources in acquiring historic objects and developing historic properties, interpretations and functions.
    • Work cooperatively with the Historic Bath Commission, the Historic Bath State Historic Site, the Town of Bath and other civic groups who are working towards preserving and telling the complete and true story of Bath.
    • Become a proactive leader, bringing all like-minded groups together, to facilitate charitable contributions and educational attributes.

III. Present Status (as of January 2017)

  • Foundation consists of 200 members.
  • Approximately $2,000,000 has been collected and disbursed on projects for the accomplishment of the Mission objectives.

IV. Long Term Objectives (What will we do to reach the Vision?)


  • Assist historical research and study of Bath and surrounding areas and the value related to NC history.
  • Aid in purchase, preservation, rehabilitation or restoration of structures and sites in Bath that have special historical significance, architectural or aesthetic value. 
  • Promote maintenance and advancement of the Historic Bath State Historic Site.
  • Implement an educational program of historic interest to Bath and Beaufort County including storytelling and Maritime lecture.
  • Develop a Museum to preserve and exhibit the treasures of Bath.  Develop a donation protocol and establish a mechanism to ensure donated items remain in Bath.  Provide an interim storage space in order to secure items from people willing to donate items now.
  • Coordinate with other civic groups with consideration to forming grant seeking committees.
  • Implement a Marketing Plan to promote the Vision


V. Short Term Goals (What will we do in the next year?)

  • Increase membership level to 300
  • Update the Website
  • Conduct two special functions to promote the Foundation
  • Participate in at least two community events 
  • Create and distribute flyer/brochure Outreach packets
  • Create a new and more comprehensive Bath Historic Site walking tour brochure.
  • Participate in focus group discussions:  how can we work together (HBC, Town of Bath, Lions, Ruritan, Book Club, Garden Club, BHSP, Library)
  • Identify HBF Champions in other towns and communities to promote HBF
  • Assist in development of a fund raising event schedule with other community organization

VI. Success Indicators (How will we measure our success?)

  • Membership level
  • Funding level
  • Projects completed
  • Artifact donations
  • Website activity

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