Collaboration Efforts

The Foundation board of directors is supportive of and actively pursuing action related to the following:  Historic Bath State Historic Site: encourage activities that will assist with increasing tourism, provides funding for temporary staff so that the Site can remain open on Sundays; Bath High School Preservation, Incorporated: provided funding to stabilize and rehabilitate the structure, secured a contract for placing a museum/exhibit gallery in the High School's north west wing;  NC Department of Cultural Resources:  working together to provide a document which safeguards that locally donated artifacts will stay in Bath and partnering to provide exhibit gallery space within the northwest wing of the school with a permanent Bath exhibit expected to open in 2020;  Bath Business Alliance/Washington Tourism Authority:  provided funds for more visible signs along tourist throughways; BHSP and Town of Bath:  Foundation members were very active in supporting efforts and writing the grant to obtain GoldenLEAF funds for town sewage and BHSP library space needs;  Town: HBF board members have completed the 2015 DENR PARTF grant application in order to  match HBF funds for creating a town park at the base of the Bath Creek bridge.  Park funding deferred by town due to project management conflict.  The foundation members funded the creation of the park which was open to the public in 2017.

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