landmarks where the beginnings

of a State took root...

tales of an infamous pirate and

his hidden treasures...

 tranquility in the “summer-country” 

nestled along the Pamlico River...


Where else but North Carolina’s oldest town would be the backdrop for this drama?  Where else but the village town of....


Our History

Recognizing Bath’s unique and rich blend of history, legend and land, a group of people formed a grassroots organization, The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc.  The Foundation was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to serve the Bath area. Grants are offered by the Foundation to qualifying applicants to assist in preserving, restoring, and developing the historical culture of Bath. Founded in 1705, Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town, its origin and history are vital to our nation and every North Carolinian. The treasures of Bath belong to everyone.  



Current Events


HBF Newsletter

Summer 2014

Annual Meeting

June 20 - Annual Meeting, 10 AM, Town Hall

Cast Your Vote

The HBF Board of Directors elections online proxy form will be open for members until   June 19. Cast your vote at the annual meeting or submit your proxy form online by clicking on this link or by pasting this link into your browser to open th form:

Join and Vote

Not a member of HBF? Join today with a tax deductible donation then cast your vote or submit your online proxy form by June 19, 2014 if you will not be attending the annual meeting.

Annual Award Winners

The HBF Preservation Award for the advancement of historical research to Bea Latham from the Historic Bath Foundation January 2014.

The HBF Preservation Award for representing, promoting, and advancing Historic Bath to Josephine Hookway from the Historic Bath Foundation January 2014.




Visit the Bath Business Alliance website ( for more information about Bath, North Carolina.

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